Hello Again (1987) IMDB 4.60(1 626) Full Movie Download

original title: Hello Again
rating: 4.60(1 626)
The U.S.
fantasy, drama, romance, Comedy
Director: Frank Perri. in roles: Shelley long, Judith Ivey, Gabriel Byrne, Corbin Bernsen, SELA ward, …
running time: , 96 min.
release date: 1987


Lucy married to a plastic surgeon Jason, but her happy family life one day gives a crack. Simply put, she dies. But a year later after his premature death Lucy raises from the dead her sister – witch Zelda. The woman will have to adapt to changed circumstances, as Jason got married to her best friend, Kim, and the neighbours don’t consider it a resurrection of a positive event. Lucy does not believe that she was dying, so trying to continue to lead a normal life…

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